Being UPDATED- We’ve added more equipment that are amazing teaching tools. 


We are equipped for learning elements of Five of the Six Gymnastic Sports! 
AGZ offers opportunities to learn up thru advanced skills.

Some of Equpment Pictured

. Special shaped mats that enhance learning (Back handspring machine, strobe flash lite torch, Wedges, Drums, etc.) Several of these are shown in the upper left of the picture.

. Preschool; small scaled equipment. Also in the upper left

. 95′ rod tumbling floor. Think of it like a long deck made mostly of Fiberglass Snow Ski’s.  One end is Resi pit. Opposite end is USAG/FIG landing mat. Far right long strip in the picture.

. 40′ tumble trampoline. Bouncyness improves posture and technique. Long black trampoline near center of pic

. 40′ Air track, similar to above. Located in the lower gym not pictured. Often seen at our performances out of facility as well.

. Double mini trampolines. The two white bed thin mid sized trampolines in the picture.  Both use a run approach.

THREE rectangular trampolines. Rectangle tramps offer better, safer bounce characteristics.  One we use is simular to Olympic Trampoline beds. It has SUPER bounce hence our raised ceiling over the tramp area. These are located in the upper center of this picture. There are safety tables or mats at each end.

. Spring Floor for FX work, Marial Arts, Cheer work and Acrobatic Gymnastics.


Not Shown in Picture

  • Flip Flop (Back Handspring) Station-This is a specially designed station that is an angled trampoline that exits into a 2 foot thick resi pit.  GREAT for learning back handsprings, and tumbling flipsOnly one of its kind in the area.
  • Apparatus Area with Single Bars, Uneven Bars, Rings.
  • P.Bar Boxes. This simulates Parallel Bars. Safer since they are wider and can be adjusted to all size bodies.
  • Pedistals- Small Blocks/Stands that athlete supports on with feet or hands and does balance skills. Teaches balance and strength.  GREAT for Cheer and Acrobatics
  • Balance Beams- One high beam, 2 low beams lots of Floor beams used thru out the facility and at the beam station.
  • Packmans are drums with a section cut out.  Designed by Doc. Mansino to aid in the learning of back handsprings. 

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